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  1. 1.Introduction
    1. 1-1.History
    2. 1-2.Director's introduction
    3. 1-3.Organization
    4. 1-4.Departments Business Responsibilities
  2. 2.The Inmates Accommodation Capacity
  3. 3.Asylum garden
    1. 3-1.Security and Custody
    2. 3-2.Operation and Vocational Training
    3. 3-3.Health and Medical Care
    4. 3-4.Edification and Education
    5. 3-5.Investigation
    6. 3-6.Inmate Living
  4. 4.Investigation and Classification
  5. 5.Exhibition Hall
  6. 6.Edification and Education
  7. 7.Health and Medical Care
  8. 8.Inmate Living
  9. 9.Social Resource Exploitation
  10. 10.Conclusion
  11. 11.Hot News
  12. 12.FAQ

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