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Operation and Vocational Training

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Skills Profile:


Inmates can develop job industrious habits, social skills, life skills training shall be to promote, develop skills to make a living, the prison has a "soap classes," "these crafts," "Patchwork classes", "sand painting classes" "baked goods classes", "product Design Class," "employment COURSE", "foot massage classes", "embroidery classes," "rush weaving class" talent such as skills training, through a variety of learning and help inmates develop properly work attitudes and values, emphasizing the importance of personal work, the meaning of life and personal commitment to the work and responsibilities. Group lessons lead, so group members learn to take responsibility for their actions and decisions, learning to get along with others, sharing and other social skills, so that it can successfully return to society through employment.


Soap classes These crafts Patchwork classes Sand painting class
Baked goods classes Product Design Class Employment course Foot Massage Classes
Embroidery classes Rush weaving class
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