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Health and Medical Care

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Apply for asylum at the case of matters relating to human health

  1. New inmates receive health checks
    To understand the health status of inmates only new income into the prison inmates are performed every other day at work day health check , check the contents contain seven points tuberculosis screening method , height, weight and blood pressure measurements , and in the physician to understand for the history, for the implementation of case management diseased cases , arrangements for the diagnosis and treatment issues.
  2. Disease diagnosis and treatment
    1. Inmates have physical discomfort or suffering illness , Individually cooperation within the prison hospital physicians work day for the inmates into the prison to see the doctor , who asked to see the doctor needs accommodated , undergraduate registration arrangements on behalf of the diagnosis and treatment issues.
    2. For the purposes of detecting a number of chronic cases , records, and will provide a written record of physician diagnosis and treatment reference ; addition to providing low gout cases Princeton lunch boxes , for a class of inmates choice.
  3. Preventive care
    1. To improve the health of inmates self awareness, thereby strengthening self-care act, in line with national health insurance for adult preventive care are eligible to arrange inspection matters.
    2. Screening for sexually transmitted diseases
      Straightening machine relations field a community life, to understand the new health situation of the inmates received, Taitung County Health Department to assist with monthly monitoring of STD screening of newly admitted inmates and implementation of health education and promotion of STD Prevention; others also handled annually a sexually transmitted disease screening in the prison's inmates.
  4. To enhance self-care as inmates
    1. Arrangements for health education and promotion
      In order to enhance self-care knowledge inmates monthly health education advocacy arrangements and CPR courses related diseases.
    2. Implementation of health campaigns
      Inmates to promote health, promote flat rejection of power, the National Health Exercises.
    3. Offering smoking cessation clinic and counseling
      The creation of smoking cessation clinic, smoking cessation patch, and enhance motivation to quit smoking cessation counseling.
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