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Edification and Education

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Enlightenment counseling business content


  1. Group counseling :
    Counselors implemented by the teachings of Education inmates , but also urged government agencies and organizations , who scholars , experts , keynote speech .

  2. Individual counseling :
    By the teachings of officers and correctional officers use conversation skills , informal, no timeshare ground , ready to be teaching, in order for people to understand their housing situations , if difficult to solve for their initiative . Inmates ideas or insights when there is an error , to be corrected in a timely manner . Approach to the use of individualized instruction individual counseling inmates talking mainly to achieve real results counseling .

  3. Religious counseling :
    The impact of religion on inmates , especially far-reaching , because the inmates in the prison 's loss of freedom , the desire to have spiritual solace , so in addition to the prison to strengthen ties with the religious ( Catholic, Protestant , Buddhist , etc. ) , and invited to prison do recognize religious propaganda or organizations outside the secondary and often provide rich sense of enlightenment books , tapes and videos , by the power of religion , according to accommodating people 's religious beliefs , prompting inmates to establish the correct outlook on life , to develop their sound personality .

  4. Recognize auxiliary counseling :
    Actively promote the implementation of the recognition of the auxiliary system , select and hire the teachings of volunteers , with one- way conversation using individual counseling methods to understand the circumstances of the inmates , pursuant to encourage inmates to be Weimian up and recognized by the auxiliary volunteer initiative reflects casework situation in close coordination with the correctional officers in order to achieve real results counseling .

  5. Activities counseling :
    1. regularly use a variety of cultural and recreational activities organized in order to relax the mood and timely inmates to increase its reward of honor , and then to the effectiveness of edutainment .
    2. at any time, volunteer social group gift or a letter to purchase gift books and magazines about virtue and duration , such as wholesome as for inmates to read, and to encourage inmates to pursue studies .
    3. Folk Festival ( Chinese New Year , Mother's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival ) , combined with social resources of the inmates held festive cultural and recreational activities , get-togethers , telephone interview , and other activities on a regular basis Cordially cog -hand performances by community groups to share the joy . Everywhere make inmates feel warm , determined to turn over a new leaf , no longer lost in the wrong direction.


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