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Correction survey classification is to promote the cornerstone of the case of the inmates are classified based on the results of the survey and start running, its implementation 良窳 relevant to the management of the Guard and inmates during prison, health care, teaching education, skills training and even after coming out of prison affect whether recidivism and the entire criminal justice system works. So soon after the commencement of new inmates into the prison to close the investigation, and the findings of the case as an individualized basis, as soon as the former prison and then review the implementation to help their self-reliance, to facilitate their re-socialization.

Survey Rehabilitation

Inmates into the prison that is implemented into the prison workshops to explain matters to be complied with in prison , while applying direct, indirect investigations and various psychological tests on their physical and mental status, education level, occupation , family environment, social background , recreational interests, after the crime and other related matters and reasons , to be judged according to their individual differences and analyze characteristics of the individual at the event as the implementation .

That inform inmates into prison ( as ) the relevant judicial protection of resources, protection and rehabilitation services and other matters, and to invite Taiwan Taitung branch Care Association rehabilitation counselor for the upcoming expiration or release of inmates , according to their needs rehabilitation referrals relevant agencies will provide services to protect , job centers , the drug prevention center , a request for assistance ( vocational training agencies, employment media )


Employment matchmaking

To encourage inmates out of prison into the job market after the successful return to society and become useful to society of the people, in order to fully make government resources , business needs and accommodating people revert to generate holistic combination of three aspects of the prison actively planning for an employment fair, for the upcoming release from prison inmates are handled " bodiless ‧ dream " matchmaking activities to encourage the rehabilitation of people into the job market , and learning social skills or personal expertise reversion seamless integration to meet the career planning and production employment market functions ; while for the of effective matchmaking , job centers and rehabilitation providers , please visit the guidance and counseling protection will provide employment platform.

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