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Edification and Education

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Edification and Education

1. The prison offers individual rehabilitation, classified rehabilitation, group rehabilitation and religious rehabilitation. Rehabilitation instructors and volunteers are invited to give education and guidance.

2. Literary activities and recreational activities are developed and acquired Parent-inmates meeting and receptions on telephone are also held in the prison.  

3. Monthly workshop meeting is held in each district to review and discuss inmate performance. These communications provide essential feedback both for the program and for the inmate to better understand his expectations. This way he can be more relaxed in his environment.

4. On the basis of the progressive grade system and parole system, the treatment of inmates is fair, humane and lenient. The inmates are encouraged to be penitent and reform themselves.

5. Socials resources are fully exploited and s three-level mandatory drug treatment  course is  offerd. The drug  abusers can be set free from Addiction. .

6Instructors are invited to offer courses so that juvenile delinquents can receive instruction.

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