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Health and Medical Care

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  • Last updated:2019-01-20
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Health and Medical Care

1.  Provide health and medical care knowledge to correctional officers in order to maintain physical and mental health of inmates; promote disease prevention and medical care of inmates.

2.  Conduct the new arrival of heath check and quarterly medical examination, any disease of inmates found will be referred to nearby medical institutions for treatment or hospitalization immediately; tracking management of chronic disease, health care services, and  provision of medical advice.

3.  Conduct HIV screening, and chest x-ray screening every month regularly to prevent from infectious disease.

4.  Non-periodically request Public Health Bureau and medical institutions to conduct dissemination of health education and health care knowledge, facilitating to develop good health habits; undertake conservation of detoxification business, coordinating the educational activities for Drug Harm Reduction Program of Department of Health.

5.  Appoint five physicians from Taitung Hospital, Taitung Christian Hospital, and medical institutions to enter the prison in turn providing treatment services for inmates.

6.  Conclude the Inpatient Service Contract with Taitung Hospital, Taitung Veterans Hospital, Mackay Memorial Hospital, and Taitung Branch, to provide two guard & control wards exclusively for inmates respectively.

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