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Inmate Living

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Inmate Living

1.The expenses for each inmate for room and board are 1,800 dollars per month (Juvenile inmates are 2,210 dollars). monthly allowance of each inmate is 200 dollars and the juvenile is 300 dollars. In another provide about thirty percent and ten percent of the additional profits from operations and the consumer’s cooperative are allotted for food and drink. Non-staple foods are jointly with other local Prison to purchase and all the process are according to the Government Procurement Act.

2.The inmates eat steamed bread, congee and bean milk for breakfast. They have a lunch and a supper of three courses and soup. There are additional courses and fruit regularly every week. In high summer, cold drinks such as green bean soup are supplied. A secretary and other staff form a meal improvement unit. the unit holds a meeting at least once a month. Representatives from each workshop also attend the meeting to discuss and improve the fare.

3.Kitchen utensils, dormitories, workshops, classrooms and playground facilities are from time to time checked and repaired for maintain the inmates living quality.

4.In winter female inmates and juvenile inmates can take a hot bath every day. Others can take a hot bath every two days.

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