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Security and Custody

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Guard and the management of the prison , the Department of Justice in accordance with the instructions of " humanity ", " transparent ", " rationalization ," the concept of the " school of the " request my colleagues to " counseling instead of punishment ", " encouragement instead of punishment " as a discipline and the various " love ", " patience ", " careful " spirit , life care for inmates of leniency , discipline requires strict way to correct bad habits of its rebuild their personality , to restore its confidence and enable automatic spontaneous discipline.


  1. accept the current situation :

    The prison is currently housed inmates , the defendant , who observed the ANC punishment accommodating all types of juvenile and female prison inmates , according to the type of crime inmates , knowledge , age , respectively, imprisonment and first-time offenders to avoid contamination of abuse and suffered abuse, according to classification classification principles , existing homes room and workshop appropriate division , focusing on individual at the event , strict examination :

    1. male prison ( the male ) and the women's prison ( the woman ) is strict boundaries .
    2. the defendant incommunicado homes located in strict isolation as a dividing line .
    3. The juvenile asylum Juvenile Detention Area strict set of boundaries .
    4. general accused the ANC observe inmates receive punishment and the new floor were housed in meditation .

  2. the implementation of prison discipline plan:
    1. to strengthen discipline and major underworld gangs of violent offenders : Inmates prevent hordes of gangs and gang influence expansion of new , old and easily bullied by inmates , make the best of the responsibility to protect , prevent the occurrence of bullying Linsion circumstances .
    2. to prevent the inflow of prohibited items ring protected areas : compliance with the ministerial " Guard and purification zone plan" cum " the business plan programs to improve prison institutions ' duty to implement the provisions of the inmates to strengthen the body 's inspection items urine sampling and implementation by the secretary to convene stakeholders from time to time , not fixed or staff bedroom homes on the farm implement spot checks to prevent prohibited items inflows.
    3. does control the prisoners Love : farm administrator irregular implementation of individual homes to teach regret , others listen to strengthen the correspondence examination and interview to understand the interaction inmates serving sentences outside prison conditions and with family and friends , Guard and accident prevention in the first place .
    4. strengthen the Guard and safety facilities and the use of technological equipment to help quit nursing service :
      1. High-voltage pulse electronic fence system : installation of the fence around the prison , the inmates escape and effective prevention of the illegal alien invasion .
      2. Metal detection equipment : Use the metal detector gate and portable metal detectors to check the implementation of personnel and goods , to prevent the inflow of prohibited items Guard and area.
      3. Video surveillance systems : All dormitory room , workshop installation of video surveillance equipment to assist inmates dynamic monitoring personnel on duty , Guard and security to reduce the dead .

  3. strengthen the supervision and training of staff in the assessment:
    1. in accordance with the provisions of decentralized, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the responsibility, and strengthen the assessment of poor coaching staff, if any, signs of corruption officers and deeds orientation or deviation units built by the government ethics test tube column.
    2. the implementation of year-round education: lectures, including criminal law, prison practice, guidance and counseling, personnel regulations, political advocacy wind-cum-corruption laws, regulations and emergency ambulance prison courses, there are aspects of technical subjects grappling, restraints, firearms, batons used riot formations and other training programs to enhance professional knowledge and skills management.
    3. contingency measures: the establishment of a crisis management team, and held a regular riot, Fangtao, earthquake, fire, emergency medical and other emergency exercises to strengthen the emergency response capacity of the correctional officers, other police agencies and local book signing support agreements to ensure guard and safety.

  4. convenience measures:

Continue to promote the general met, met the lawyers' appointment received registration "and" remote interview "bid and offer another exclusive interview echelon juvenile asylum, family members and related personnel in order to simplify the process met the bid to reduce the time and money wasted.

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