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Inmate Living

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Meals with:
Meals with adult inmates per 1,800 yuan per month, juvenile inmates by 2,210 yuan per person per month for food; cooperatives and other operating income from the provision of living allowance, rice bran, rancid water obtained from dietary supplement sold fees are as inmates improve diet and daily life.

The prison serves three dishes and one soup dishes; Wednesday fixed vegetarian lunch. Juvenile inmates due to positive growth period, lunch and dinner each day plus a dish.

Catering field operations:
The monitoring of environmental focus for catering OTC health and safety, ending the daily operations, clean operating environment will be clean in order to maintain the health and safety needs of catering field.

Meal situations:
The prison held regular monthly meetings meals, pushing to be represented by the field house, lunch suggestions for improvement, and usually also involved in prison kitchen staple food inspection operations, in order to understand the overall operation of the team meal situation.

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